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Congratulations to Bernie Taupin!

On 23 May, he received an Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. This is his 9th Ivor Novello honour. The first time was in 1974 when he and Elton won for Best Song Musically and Lyrically, thanks to Daniel. They got another Best Song Musically and Lyrically trophy for Nikita in 1985.


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Bernie was modest, though. As he accepted the Ivor, he apologised to Lulu on behalf of himself and Elton (then ‘Reg Dwight’) for composing one of the worst songs ever written for her to perform at the Eurovision contest in 1969. Receiving the award–meant to represent Euterpe, the muse of lyric poetry and music in Greek mythology–must mean ”I did something right.”

Elton is singing the praises of In One Ear–Cocteau Twins, Ivor and Me, which will be published in September. The ‘Ivor’ in the title refers to the late arranger and composer Ivor Raymonde. The memoir is by his son, Simon Raymonde, a member of the Cocteau Twins from 1983-1997.

Another book is particularly close to Elton’s heart. The Elton John AIDS Foundation is to receive 20 percent of sales of The Rainbow Parade, penned by LGBTQIA+ advocates Shane Jordan and Rick Hendrix. It focuses on a child and his dad who extend support to another youngster struggling with self-acceptance.


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The EJAF has a new Pride campaign: It invites those who have been accepted by someone special to Speak Up Sing Out with Your Song‘s line, ”I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” This is also a contest, as participants will have a chance to meet Elton and David Furnish in New York later this month.

Their friend Lynn Wyatt, a philanthropist and socialite from Texas, has pledged to match up to $100,000 in donations to the EJAF‘s Rocket Fund during Pride month.

Through the end of the year, the Versace Pride capsule collection is donating 10 percent of its profits to the EJAF. Donatella Versace told the Evening Standard that one of her favourite Elton John looks was the time he dressed up as Lady Liberty. ”Who wouldn’t want to see Elton on an island as you come into New York!” What’s more, ”he fights for freedom and equity in everything he does.”

Nor does Elton hold back when it comes to his music. Upon receiving an unflattering concert review, he blamed Alan Edwards, who was doing PR for Elton at the time. Alan recalls in his memoir, I Was There, that Elton thought he should have selected a different writer, which was silly. This, after all, is the responsibility of the publication, not the publicist.

Another new book is by Dave Karger, a host on Turner Classic Movies. He says 50 Oscar Nights wouldn’t have turned out as well without Elton’s participation. ”Being able to drop his name” helped bring in contributions from other Academy Award winners.


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Some people criticised Bernie for dropping names in his autobiography, Scattershot. He wasn’t concerned, and explained to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2  (1:41:00) he had no choice, since this has been his world. And he is sure that memoirs from others of his generation also ”name-drop.”

Bernie told Zoe he thinks that people recognised him more in the seventies–when he’d join Elton on the road and for album photo sessions. Now, Bernie joked, he is just recognised when presenting his credit card.

As for Elton‘s forthcoming album, which is to be designed by David LaChapelle, Bernie thinks it is both original and magical, but would ”get in trouble” for saying much more.

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