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Elton and Paul McCartney will be making a movie together. It’s not a documentary but a mockumentary–the sequel to 1984’s This Is Spinal Tap. Director Rob Reiner told Richard Herring on the RHLSTP podcast that the regular cast is back, and he expects to start filming at the end of February.

Elton and Paul are among the guests on Dolly Parton‘s Rockstar album. Perhaps that’s why Rockstar is No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Album Sales Chart (dated 2 December).

As you know, Dolly and Elton teamed up on Rockstar for Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me. Elton originally didn’t like the tune, and thought it should be sent to Engelbert Humperdinck instead. However, it became a big hit for Elton, both with his band and later with George Michael. And he used the song for many of his dedications in concert, George-Martin among them. Elton said that the late producer and the Beatles were responsible for ”sounds you never heard before.”

Elton’s own music made a difference when the Today Show‘s meterologist was in hospital. Al-Roker says that Philadelphia Freedom, in particular, was helpful.


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NBC‘s Saturday-Night-Live has made use of another classic. Bowen Yang played New York representative George Santos, who was expelled from Congress after allegations of fraud and campaign finance violations. So he sang a parody of Candle in the Wind, retitled Scandal in the Wind. 


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A couple of years ago (3 December 2021), Elton and Ed Sheeran‘s Merry Christmas was released. The video paid tribute to other holiday releases, including East 17‘s Stay Another Day. Now East 17 is out with Merry-Quitmas, which features a couple of fellows who portray Elton and Ed, along with an admonition against smoking.

Elton is stoked about Watford‘s Occupation Road becoming Yellow Brick Road. The famous sports-fan paid a visit, and along with the Elton John Stand at Vicarage Road, considers it a treat. He still gets ”a buzz” coming back on a non-match day.

It’s where he fell in love with football and the club, adding that Watford FC ”did more for me in my lifetime than I ever did for it.”

Love is the subject of Jennifer Contini‘s pop-heart-art, including one that was autographed by Bernie Taupin backstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. It is now on the auction block. Andrew Ridgeley, Peter Frampton, Willie Nelson, Ice-T, Don Was, and Chaka Khan are some of the others who signed Platinum Love, which is being sold to benefit the Rock & Roll Hall Foundation. The Charitybuzz auction runs through 13 December.

The artist told the Elton Blog that she wanted to create a red heart to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. This has culminated in the sparkly Tiny Dancer 2023, which Jennifer hopes to donate to the next EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party.

On Wednesday, Elton visited the Speaker’s House of Parliament, where he urged leaders to do more to hit a goal of eliminating new HIV cases by 2030. The founder of the EJAF suggested they could be the first country to accomplish this by taking action and not wasting time. He stressed the importance of the UK doing more internationally, including helping the Global Fund to fight malaria and tuberculosis, as well as AIDS. And he promised to ”be there with you.”

Marmite–in collaboration with Elton’s foundation–is celebrating the launch of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road jar by giving away one of these limited editions, plus a selection from the Elton John Eyewear line. The contest is only open to residents of Great Britain, who are least 16 years old. To enter, follow the Elton-John-AIDS-Foundation, Marmite, and Elton’s eyewear company on Facebook and ”like” the post on Marmite‘s FB page. This runs through tomorrow.

Last month to mark the launch of their Goodbye Yellow Brick Road memento, Marmite offered residents of Windsor, England, a chance to get breakfast in bed and Elton John Eyewear. Also included was one of the jars, fresh off the factory line.

By the way, if you purchased one of Marmite‘s containers or something from Elton’s eyewear line, you are welcome to contact-us with your story.

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