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Elton is selling his condo in Atlanta-Georgia for five million dollars. It served as home base when he was on tour in the U.S. He considered it more comfortable than staying at a hotel. Amenities of the four-bedroom dwelling, according to Architectural Digest, include a fitness studio, a spa and massage room, wine storage units, and luggage closet.

It wasn’t long ago that there were pop-up shops for Elton John Eyewear. Now Bernie Taupin is about to have a pop-up. It’s actually an art exhibit running just a few days, from 2 October through 8 October, at the Iconic Images gallery in London, England. It was here in April that Elton and other famous faces were spotted at Bernie’s re-workings of Terry O’Neill photos called Old Friends: Two Sides of The Sixties.

Bernie Taupin has now created and signed artwork for a special edition of Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton And Me. Just 400 copies are available. In addition, there’s an even more limited Deluxe Edition, which includes a large hand-signed print and recording of the songwriter sharing a story which hasn’t previously been heard.


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Scattershot continues to rack up attention–and sales. Elton-John congratulated his friend for making bestseller lists in the States and UK. Last week, the book was #5 in the New York Times‘ and #6 in the London Times‘ listings. In addition, it was a No. 1 Amazon bestseller.

Funnily enough, the author didn’t originally have plans to do a book. He revealed to the Orange County Register that Scattershot started as a sort of ”experiment.” Then he realised he had the makings of a book, and wound up writing as many as five hours a day, for a couple of years. Unfortunately, about half of his first draft–as many as 800 pages–wound up on the cutting room floor.

Stephen Sanchez says he cut short a conversation with his mother one day. She understood, as Elton was on the line.

Elton got to know Stephen after inviting him to be a Rocket Hour guest. They didn’t meet in person until the MusiCares event honouring Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy on 3 February. A day later, Elton introduced Stephen and his band at a Universal Music Group artist showcase. And in June, the 20-year-old was one of Elton’s Glastonbury guests. Stephen told Metro he followed Elton’s advice and didn’t ”waste the opportunity.”

A couple of weeks ago, Jalen-Ngonda was a guest on Rocket Hour, where he discussed his debut album. He and Elton met at the French Riviera’s Nice Jazz Festival.


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Just over 17 years ago, on 18 September 2006, The Captain And The Kid album was released. It reached #6 in the United Kingdom, and in America, it was #18. Tinderbox was one of our favourite cuts, as was the the video with its archival footage of Elton and Bernie.

The 22nd of September was another anniversary. On this date in 1997, The Big Picture album came out. Bernie explained to Billboard that it was ”all love songs about the the human condition of love.”

Bernie added that a year earlier, he had suggested to Elton that they come up with standards . . . similar to what Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett would sing. He considered Something-About-The-Way-You-Look-Tonight to be a perfect example.

Care to have a look at the making of the Rolling Stones‘ Hackney Diamonds? The album is due next month, and it features Sir-Elton on a couple of tracks. According to The Sun, a related documentary is in the works. On board is Fulwell 73: they produced last year’s Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger Stadium, along with Rocket Entertainment, for Disney Plus. It has been nominated for three Emmy awards.

The Silicon Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, recently handed out an award to Caleb-Quaye‘s Louder Than Rock–for Best Sound Documentary. Based on the former Elton John Band member’s 2006 autobiography, the movie’s contributors include Ray Williams, Davey Johnstone, and Kenny Passarelli.

We’re off for now, but tune in next week for podcast news and other goodies!

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