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From Baseball Bats to Christmas Hats wants to wish readers a happy holiday season. We hope Elton and David Furnish are enjoying this time as well. Christmas has become even more significant for the couple because it coincides with their older son’s birthday.

They were recently asked by ArchitecturalDigest to share advice about presents and parties.

David believes that most hosts will appreciate a ”sweet treat or beautiful fragrance” and Elton says that the best holiday gatherings offer ”good music, good company, and a stunning Christmas tree.” As for gifts, he says his kids are the best ones he’s ever received.

When Saks Fifth Avenue unveiled their holiday display last month, Elton and his family were in attendance. After all, some of the windows showcase goods being sold to benefit the EJAF as well as a sampling of Elton’s Gucci costumes. On 8 December at the pavegala, Saks‘ windows received a Judge’s Choice award. PAVE (Planning and Visual Education Partnership) supports young talent seeking careers in designing and creating consumer environments.

Speaking of festive occasions, an album has been released on major streaming platforms from a Halloween show featuring lots of Elton John songs. It’s from a quartet called Eggy, and includes a cover of Bad Side of the Moon. Both the band and audience dressed up in costumes inspired by Elton.

Meanwhile, two Lion King performers–one from the New York cast, the other from Madrid–have released a Spanish version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

If you’re looking for more current music, Elton is a Goldmine of information. He has brought up acts we’ve never heard of, and doesn’t hesitate to champion younger artists. A future episode of Rocket Hour is likely to feature Stormzy: Elton has said he’d ask him to choose the music . . . much like ”EJ the DJ.”

You may recall that Elton’s set list ranged from the Beatles to the Scissor Sisters when over a decade ago, he played that role on BBC Radio 2. And in 1976, ”EJ the DJ” was on Scott Muni‘s WNEW show in New York, speaking about the pressures of fame and what sort of movies he preferred.

Another memorable broadcast–on CBS TV–was Grammy‘s I’m-Still-Standing EJ salute in 2018.

Their latest tribute show, to PaulSimon, included a clip of  Elton, who called his colleague ”one of the greatest songwriters of all time.” Both Elton and Bernie Taupin used to listen to Simon and Garfunkel‘s Bookends, and were ”incomplete awe” of the songs and sounds.

Elton has expressed his sorrow about the passing of songwriter and producer Thom Bell, who was 79 years old. Elton said he would ”always cherish” his two hits with the music veteran on The Thom Bell SessionsMama Can’t Buy You Love and Are You Ready For Love. Earlier this year, Record Store Day’s offerings included the complete Thom Bell Sessions . . . available for the first time on coloured vinyl.

Bell was also known for teaming up with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff to create ”The Sound of Philadelphia.” More recently, the three men were interviewed for a new documentary. Also called the-sound-of-philadelphia, it will explore the trio’s roles in producing and writing hits with the likes of Elton, Dusty Springfield, Lou Rawls, and Patti LaBelle.

Besides paying tribute to Bell, Elton has posted an instagram message to his fans. Wearing glasses which sported miniature Christmas hats, he thanked them for ”an amazing year.” And it looks like 2023 will offer more of the same. Already, there’s news about an EJ collectible. . . .

Remember neca-s-elton-john-action-figure with three interchangeable heads, each with a different expression? This was to honour Elton’s 1975 Dodger Stadium concerts, so it included a baseball bat. The company is back with another EJ homage, again with three heads, a mike, and piano. This one depicts Elton wearing stars and stripes, as he did during his 1976 Louder Than Concorde (But Not Quite As Pretty) tour. It’s not expected until the summer, but entertainmentearth is accepting pre-orders.

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