Sound Check

Dear Guest

On behalf of our presenter George Matlock and the Radio Elton John production team, we would like to thank you for agreeing to be a guest on our podcast Saturday Night’s Alright for Podcasting.
The show is released every last Saturday of the month, at 1800 hours UK time.
As agreed with George, you will receive a link in your email box within 24 hours of the planned recording date, and sent by a company called Cleanfeed.
We recommend you connect by clicking on the link ten minutes before your scheduled recording time. If you know that you are on a multiple guest show, make it 15 minutes. This takes you to the “Green Room”, your standby area prior to the show. Be aware that anyone else connected will also hear you. So for privacy you can mute your mic on the Cleanfeed dashboard. Remember, no one will phone you. It is all done online.


You'll receive a link in your email box up to 24 hours prior to recording


Click on the link 10-15 minutes before your scheduled recording time


For this to work here is a checklist of what you need to ensure from your side:

Ensure you are in a quiet room and your internet is enabled.

Use a laptop, PC or Mac. Mobile phone can work but is unreliable.
Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge internet browser.

Plug headphones into your laptop, PC, Mac or Mobile phone.

Plug external mic into your laptop, PC or Mac. But this is OPTIONAL

When time approaches

When time approaches to record, click on the link in the email George sent. Type in your full name. This will be visible to your host and any fellow guests. You will go straight through to Cleanfeed and you should see “eltonjohnworld” name in the web browser. That’s the Green Room! At this point you should both be able to hear one another through headphones. Your headphones are your friend throughout this recording. Unless you plugged in an optional external microphone, you will be using your PC in-built mic. George will now run a quick soundcheck and ensure you can hear effects like jingles. Please be patient. It is why we ask that you connect 10-15 minutes prior to the recording time.
Once George signals that the recording is about to commence, you will hear a countdown jingle and then you are being recorded in the Studio! The interview is conducted in a light-hearted, radio, conversational manner. The emphasis is on fun.
The interview normally lasts about 30 minutes but can be extended up to a full hour. We rarely record longer than that. We can invite you back for Part 2 !!
We hope you enjoy your experience on Radio Elton John. We avoid edits so you are responsible for your comments. And remember, while you are encouraged to share Elton anecdotes, the point of the interview is to tell his fans about YOU.
We are excited about your show and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to George as soon as possible on email

AFTER THE SHOW: Please email a portrait of you to the above email address asap as we may need that to illustrate the episode. Thank you!