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You’re So Static: Elton money stays £215m, survey
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Elton slips in the stakes

Sunday 2
March 2003 @ 17:50

Hot on the heels of Heat Magazine’s earnings report on Elton and other celebrities mid-week, Britain’s the Mail on Sunday has reported that Elton is ranked 149th richest person, with an estimated £215 million, in a rich-list of Top 300, on March 2, 2003.

But Elton slipped from position 140 a year earlier, despite retaining exactly the same-sized estimated wealth.

The Mail‘s survey of total estimated wealth also showed Elton’s salary plummeted in 2002 to £9.7 million from “more than “20 million the year before”.

Elton has five homes, reported The Mail [we heard it was 7 with some estimates of 11] with fine art, but Elton said his most-treasured possession is his photos of partner David Furnish.

Elton was said to be the subject of a tax dispute, which may have resulted in the You’re So Static wealth.

But in part the survey also showed how some frugal and investment-savvy celebrities managed to eck out money and position gains around him, leaving Elton with a lower league position. Impressive, given the slump in gobal equity markets!

Elton fared poorly against the perennial top musician by wealth, Sir Paul McCartney, who reigned at the top among entertainers with £685 million wealth, at position 38 overall, and up from 39th with £656 million a year earlier.

Despite recent money gains, Sting could not catch up with pal Elton. The lead performer in The Police managed only position 204 with a wealth of £158 million.

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie were ranked 150 with £210 million – a mere mansion poorer than Elton – and gaining from the siren’s position of 172 on £180 million a year earlier.

Composer Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber also came in above Elton, but also slipping in the stakes – in league position and wealth. Lloyd-Webber was worth £301 million in 2002 at position 103. In 2001, he ws worth £365 million at 79.

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