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You are the weakest link, goodbye!
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The Sun plays for laughs, suggests Elton to host TV quiz hit The Weakest Link

Saturday 14
April 2001 @ 19:25

Elton John’s old libel sparring partner The Sun newspaper had a laugh in its edition of April 13, 2001. Poking fun at Elton’s first-ever court loss (he did not lose the 1993 case against The Mirror newspaper although the terms were reduced in the newspaper’s favour on appeal).


The tabloid organ enquired whether Elton might earn some cash after his lastest legal bill, by hosting British TV’s hit quiz, The Weakest Link.


The Sun thundered: “Elton shouldn’t dismiss our idea as out of the question … after all, he looks like he’s turning into (quiz presenter) Anne Robinson.


“The singer must be feeling as stony-faced as the BBC show’s sour-puss presenter after losing his High Court battle against former manager John Reid on Wednesday,” the paper went on, blissfully forgetting that the court case was not against Mr Reid!


“He has already had his gingery locks cut just like 56-year-old Anne’s. And when you add the similar specs, he could easily double for her while she is away terrorising fans in the US.”


The Sun signed off with: “A pal said: ‘Some days Sir Elton does seem to go for a sort of Anne Robinson look. I’m sure he’d be flattered to be compared to her.'”


Sir Elton is considering grounds for an appeal against the court defeat, see story of April 13, 2001.


The show is to get its first airing on US television on Easter Monday, April 16, 2001, after becoming a sensation for the way ex-tabloid journalist Robinson sarcastically undermines the contestants’ confidence, and sternly dismisses them from the floor when they are voted off in this dog-eats-dog show.

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