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Saturday 1
August 1998 @ 2:00

Millionaire and collaborator at Watford‘s Vicarage Road stadium, Nigel Wray, told the London Evening Standard in July 1998: “I’m delighted with the way we’ve been accepted at Watford – Elton John and Graham Taylor couldn’t have been more accommodating. I’m sure the venture will be a success.” Wray was commenting about his rugby club Saracen‘s five-year grounds-sharing contract which starts in 1998 at Vicarage Road.


“Elton is a great rugby fan and has even promised to wear a Saracens shirt at some of his concerts like he does with Watford already,” Wray went on to say.

“My ultimate plan is to merge with Watford making one club. That will make sense for all concerned.”

In September, Wray went further. He wants merger to be followed by a flotation on the London Stock Exchange as a public limited company with quoted shares.

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