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Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale will soon take place, and it’s to include a number of Elton John acetate recordings. Among them are Watching The Planes Go By; The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca; Tartan Coloured Lady; Two of a Kind; and When I Was Tealby Abbey.


The auction also shall have a collection belonging to music promoter and producer Harvey Goldsmith. One of these lots consists of 20 official tour itineraries produced by Harvey Goldsmith Productions for the likes of Elton and Ray Cooper (”Elton & Ray ’94 Europe”); George Michael; Pink Floyd; the Cure; Duran Duran; Paul Simon; the Grateful Dead; Eric Clapton; and the Pet Shop Boys.

There are also a couple of Live Aid mementoes. Following the success of Bob Geldof‘s Band Aid single in December 1984, Goldsmith was approached by the Boomtown Rats frontman about approaching the first live show of its kind. Harvey still remembers the press call at Wembley Stadium where he and Bob announced the event and listed the acts who would be playing. At this time, only Geldof’s band had confirmed their appearance. However, this announcement set the tone for artists to confirm their participation, with Elton, David Bowie, and U2 being some of the first.
Harvey told Bonhams that he called Live Aid, which was watched by over a billion people worldwide, ”the Global Jukebox.” 
The sale of memorabilia takes place in London on the fifth of May, at 11:00 BST.

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