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Charity Buzz is showcasing a one-of-a-kind canvas image based on designs Miguel Paredes created for his collaboration with designer Astrella and her MUSICAL T’s fall line. Together they fuse fashion, art, music and technology, all wrapped in high end fashion tees, using only 100% organic fabrics and handmade in Hollywood, CA.

The piece being auctioned (through October 16) is Miguel’s re-imagined album artwork from Elton’s The Diving Board. The unframed canvas has been signed by both Miguel and Elton. The winning bid supports the pop vocalist’s AIDS foundation as well as the Palm Springs Art Museum.
Another worthwhile Charity Buzz offering is a photo called John and John, with proceeds going to City Hearts: Kids SayYes to the Arts. It was donated by the photographer, Sam Emerson, who took the picture of Elton and John Lennon in 1974. Lennon wore a blonde wig to try to sneak past fans into a rehearsal with Elton.
The auction runs through the 22nd of October.

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