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Stood in line, to join the tribe
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Nightmare story of first fan in queue for Elton’s shop 2002

Monday 9
December 2002 @ 4:28

Out the Closet IV, opened on December 4, 2002, and billed as a chance for fans to grab a piece of Elton. I dont think so — not unless youre on a £100,000 a year salary with a healthy bank balance. No way could your average working fan afford anything decent in this sale.

I was the first to arrive at 2.30 a.m (having traveled down from the concert in Manchester that evening) and queued for over seven hours in the rain and cold. (not something I will do again in a hurry).

Elton and his partner David Furnish arrived at just after eleven only to find that no barriers had been erected by Westminster City Council so unfortunately poor EJ was mobbed by the paparazzi and fans which didnt please him one little bit. Consequently in true Elton fashion he stayed for just a few minutes and then made a mad dash for his car after the security guys had struggled with the press to make an opening for him.

The doors opened to the public (after a load of invited hobnobs had already ploughed through what they wantedI didnt see them outside at 2.30 in the morning). Being the first in the queue I had the pleasure of getting first choice (of what was left) and I had my eyes set on the Leopard skin coat that Elton wore in Tantrums and Tiaras I made a mad dash for it only to be disappointed when I saw the price tag £750.00.

You could have knocked me down wiv a fever gov  Id only got a budget of £400.00 quid. So having picked myself up off the floor I started rummaging through everything else I could to find me a bargain.  Here we go Jacket £900, Suit £2000, Shirt £250, hat £300. Shoes £190 Oh! there were some trousers for £40 quid but for all I knew they could have belonged to the Gardener or any of Eltons staff.

I was looking for something special, something that said this is Elton John. But alas anything that said Elton John also demanded an Elton John bank balance too.

I must admit I was feeling a little grumpy by now having been 28 hours without sleep, and I kinda laid into David Furnish complaining about the prices being well above what the average fan can afford.

He was quite understanding  but did say to me Theres some towels over there that David and Victoria Beckham have used

As any hardened EJ fan would understand I felt totally insulted by this off-handed comment. I dont give two beeps for David and Victoria Beckham (not that they are not nice people bless em). But Ive been following EJ and buying his music for thirty years only to be told have a towel thats been used by the Beckhams!

Being an easy going sort of chap (dont laugh) I toddled over to have a look and (knock me over with a feather again) £75 quid for a used towel that again could have been Aunty Sarahs (has he got an Aunty Sarah?) for all I know.

Eventually though I found quite a nice Versace suit that I think Ive seen him wearing  but a little over my budget. (Hey what the hell, break the bank, itll only take a couple of years to pay off). I grabbed my prize piece for my EJ collection and headed off to the check-out to pay for my little treasure.

Now you would think that all was well in my camp and I was a happy little bunny.

But theres more. Being tired but very excited as soon as I got home I had to try it on (then I could have great fun pretending to be The One).  I know Im about the same height as EJ but hes a bit fatter than me.

The Jacket only fitted if I used a shoehorn  (cant remember Elton being that slim) and the trousers were at least a foot too long. (Well knock me down with a feather once again). These cant be Eltons can they? Maybe theyre  OH! NO!!!! (the pennys just dropped)  Could they possibly be Davids?

Answers on a postcard please.

Kevin Waite


[Ed. has not had opportunity to verify the claims made in this article. But we thank fans and Citizens for all contributions supplied and welcome more. If you have concerns, please email ]


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