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Still Rock $£$ Roll To me
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Elton John and Billy Joel 2nd highest grossing act in USA

Thursday 18
July 2002 @ 18:12

Ok, so Elton never did write a song called Money Roll, but Honey Roll was close enough!

The double bill of Billy Joel and Elton John was the No. 2 grossing act with a $44.4 million (£28.5m) haul from 23 shows in just eight cities, according to a survey of the North American concert industry by trade publication Pollstar on July 14, 2002.

The average ticket price was $108.70 (£70). The piano men could have been No. 1 if Joel’s “acute laryngitis” had not postponed 10 dates until the autumn; Joel checked into a substance abuse center last month.

Pollstar showed the top 50 acts sold a combined 10.6 million tickets in the first half of the year, down about three percent from the year-ago period (10.9 million tickets) and off 18 percent from 2000 (12.9 million tickets).

The average ticket price for those top 50 tours rose 11.3 percent to $50.81 from last year, Pollstar said. That is well above the annual inflation rate at about 3.6 percent.

“A substantial army of fans will still pay the freight for great seats to see their superstar heroes,” Pollstar said.

“But one has to wonder where the millions of ticket buyers we lost since 2000 have gone. Can we get them back or have they been priced out of the market for good?”

The report makes grim reading for a music industry reeling from the pirating of tunes on the Internet as a way around paying upwards of $20 for a compact disc. And they are also increasingly reluctant to fork out for costly concert tickets.


1. Sir Paul McCartney Tour takes: £35M Average Ticket Price: £83

2. Elton John/Billy Joel Tour takes £28.5M Average Ticket Price: £70

3. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Tour takes 23M Average Ticket Price: £53

Ed. Well, compared with Sir Paul McCartney’s ticket price, and given as these are two separate acts combined – two for the price of one ticket is not a bad price Elton and Billy!

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