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Elton was interviewed during Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!


The star shared his thoughts on Kanye West, who has been feuding with the host.

Kimmel will be talking to the rapper tonight –  two weeks after Kanye attacked Kimmel on Twitter for mocking him in a sketch.

Elton jokingly advised Jimmy to “wear a suit of armor” for the interview. He then said, “No, I played on his record. I love him. He’s a genius.”  Elton was featured on Kanye’s single “All of the Lights” a few years ago, and Jimmy asked him to”put in a good word” for him.

Elton also mentioned another young artist, Jack White. He was cheered by audience members when he revealed they had recorded together. But he didn’t elaborate further.

The pop veteran also said he still regularly purchases new music, but the experience has changed, with so many record stores having shut down.

Elton, wearing shoes the same colour as his red piano, closed the show by performing Home Again and Tiny Dancer.

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