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Seventh Heaven
Posted by editor_usa

Elton Helps Mark ”Billy Elliot” Milestone

Thursday 31
May 2012 @ 15:58


Elton is seen with Lee Hall, above, at last night’s Billy Elliot gala.

The composer spent a day in hospital last week, where he was treated for a respiratory infection, but said he was delighted to be attend the Victoria Palace Theatre event, celebrating 3,000 West End performances over seven years. 

“I shouldn’t really be here because I’m recovering from a bout of pneumonia,” the 65-year-old told reporters.

“But the doctor said I could come and I didn’t want to miss this for anything.”

The piano player also mentioned how much the show ”touches him” every time he sees it and spoke about the musical version of George Orwell‘s Animal Farm he and Hall are currently planning.

“It’s completely dark and completely different to this,” he said. “Lee’s finishing the lyrics right now but I haven’t started on the music yet.”

Published in 1945, Animal Farm tells of a farm whose animals – led by the pigs Snowball and Napoleon – rebel against their human keeper.

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