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Recipe For Success
Posted by editor_usa

A Recent Project Elton And His Partner Assisted With

Friday 29
July 2011 @ 15:58

As recently announced by EJW, Sir Elton and David Furnish provided the foreword for a recipe book by the owners of a popular Soho business.


Cox Cookies & Cake by Eric Lanlard and Patrick Cox, published by Mitchell Beazley (Octopus), contains the following comments from Elton and his partner:


 It was with a huge sense of wonderment and excitement when we first walked into the original Patrick Cox boutique on Symons Street in London. A velvet rope held back a wild throng of fashionistas, desperate to get their hands on a pair of his oh-so-hip Wannabe loafers. Coxs mad creativity and love of British irony transported the humble slip-on loafer and rocked it to the highest of heights. Mad candy colours, diamante embellishments, exotic animal skins and pop culture detailing made Coxs loafers super-funky and unashamedly full-on fun.
After churning out millions of pairs of loafers and swirling stilettos, Cox has now boldly applied the same principles to an exciting range of deliriously delicious cakes. A long-time fan of homemade sweets his mother Maureen has been posting her delectable home-baked yummies to her beloved son in London from Canada for decades he has now applied the same wit and irony to retail baking. Looking at a cupcake and cookie world festooned with gingham and butterflies, Cox decided to zig where others have zagged.
By commandeering a London Soho sex shop and teaming up with the baking genius of Eric Lanlard, who has made cakes for us for many years, Cox has virtually transformed the world of baked goods into an outrageously fun and delicious range of sinfully scrumptious madness.
Their Soho bake-shop has now become a must-see destination for the über-hip lover of indulgent sweeties, with a funky vibe. Opening a box of Cox Cookies & Cake cupcakes puts the biggest smile on your face and transports you to a place where the worries of the day melt away into delicious mouthfuls of sinful fun and outrageous fabulousness. We love the cakes almost as much as we love our Patsy!

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