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Phone Hacking Scandal Hits Home For The Rocket Man
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 21
July 2011 @ 16:31

Elton has learned he was a target of phone hackers.

Police informed the 64-year-olds partner, David Furnish, he is believed to have been a victim.

Sources revealed his name was discovered among the 4,000 targeted by the News Of The World.

A pal revealed: David was horrified at having his fears confirmed.

It seems these hackers were desperately trying to find out details of his life with Elton.

They couldnt target Elton because he never used a mobile he hated the things but partner David obviously did have one.

Fans will recall that a number of years ago, Elton sued another News Corp. property after stories about his alleged sex life appeared. The Sun printed an apology on the front page, and paid the musician $1.61 million. One of the reporters was Neil Wallis, who was arrested last week in connection with phone-hacking probe at the News of the World, where he had been deputy editor. News Corp. shut down the weekly tabloid two weeks ago amid the scandal. The Metropolitan Police disclosed it employed Mr. Wallis as a paid PR adviser from October 2009-September 2010.

Though Neil was released and hasn’t been charged, there is a political dust-up following disclosures that a person who was an editor at the paper at the time of its alleged transgressions has done public relations work for British law enforcement.

Additionally, the Conservative Party on Tuesday said Wallis was informallyon an unpaid basishelping Andy Coulson, a former communications strategist for Tory leader David Cameron, in the run-up to his successful election campaign as prime minister. Mr. Coulson was Mr. Wallis’s former boss at the News of the World.

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