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Perth Concert a Form of Therapy For Cricketers
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 11
December 2006 @ 15:41

Elton’s pal, Andrew Flintoff, has admitted England’s Ashes agony has reduced him to tears but insists he and coach Duncan Fletcher are getting along just fine.

The England captain yesterday spoke candidly of his inner pain of a summer gone wrong but also released some anger at the critics.

“I was so upset,” Andrew said of the defeat in Adelaide.

“I have never experienced such a sense of loss after a cricket match and I hope I never feel that bad ever again. I wasn’t boo-hooing or anything like that but the tears were there.

“We’ve taken huge stick and I can’t argue with that but don’t accuse this England team of not caring.

“That upsets me even more. I give everything when I am on the cricket field and always have done.

“I was in shock for hours after the game. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that the real horror began to sink in.

“When I woke up, my first thought was that it had all been a bad dream.” 

{As for Fletcher, it’s understood he and Flintoff were at loggerheads over the selection of spinner Ashley Giles ahead of Monty Panesar in Adelaide.}

Andrew added, ”Of course England cricket supporters are upset. I don’t blame them.”

However, he and other cricketers are attempting to raise their spirits by attending Elton’s Perth show tonight, which brings to four the number of concerts they have attended in Australia in five weeks.

They also saw U2 and Kylie Minogue in Sydney, and Robbie Williams in Adelaide.

Andrew organised tickets for Monday night’s show through his friendship with Elton.

He once sang Johnny Cash‘s Ring of Fire to his teammates to motivate his players, but is said to consider Rocket Man his favourite song.

Batsman Alastair Cook, also a keen music fan, said Flintoff set up the tickets to help keep morale high heading into the third Test, which starts Thursday.

“We’re all going out as a side tonight to watch Elton John,” Cook said.

“Freddie’s organised that.

“We’re all sticking together despite what everyone seems to be saying. there’s good team spirit there.”

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