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Survey Finds Many People Are Keen on Learning How Celebrities Live

Tuesday 11
September 2012 @ 16:45

A recent survey from Heritage Open Days found that 44 percent of adults in Britain would be willing to open their home to the public.

Many say they are willing to open their doors for charity events, open art weekends or national schemes such as Heritage Open Days.

According to the poll, 44% of respondents would only want to open their place to the public if they could control exactly what areas they could access although 24 percent say that they would be embarrassed to show their home to the public as it is a mess and too chaotic.

Alongside being happy to show off their own abodes, folks admit they would like to see how others live: 40 percent of those who gave a preference would like to see around Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridges private home, with 16 percent keen to have a nose through Eltons residence, and 9 percent curious about the inside of J K Rowlings dwelling.

Heritage Open Days is a chance to see inside for free both private and public buildings, many of which (over 1,200) are not normally open to the public. The latest event was held from September 6-9, and included the Nonsuch Mansion at Cheam.

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