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NZ Paper Includes EJ Interview
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 4
December 2006 @ 15:34

Ahead of his Wellington appearance this week, Elton spoke to the Sunday News.

When asked why he decided to travel so far, the rocker said his fans deserve it, pointing out it’s been a long time since he toured Australasia.

What drives him to still go onstage?

”I adore performing: It’s one of the best things about my job.”

What does he miss most on the road?

Elton says probably his dogs.

When asked about how he feels when his songs are used at vital personal events like weddings and funerals, the entertainer replies that he is flattered his melodies touch people.

What is his favourite EJ number?

Elton says it’s difficult to pinpoint. But having so recently put out The Captain & The Kid–a very personal album for him–he’d select a track from that.

And what does he need to be at his best in concert?

”My band and road crew.”

The songster says many of the musicians and tour staff have been with him for decades. He adds that he is a perfectionist who believes those paying to see him deserve ”the best musicianship and technical production.”


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