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Posted by editor_usa

Problems With Two of Elton’s June Engagements

Thursday 19
May 2011 @ 17:26

Although Eltons June 16 concert was not part of the Bay Festival event, it was to use the same marquee in Nobles Park.

Organisers are now facing logistical issues and it is therefore uncertain whether the stars show will now go ahead.

The promoters said: ”Because both the Elton John concert and the Bay Festival were due to share the same infrastructure in Nobles Park, there are some logistical issues to resolve to ensure that the concert will go ahead.”

Community Culture and Leisure Minister David Cretney MHK said the Villa Marina, with a capacity of just 1,700 had been ruled out, given that Elton was a sell-out, with ticket sales of between 6,000 and 7,000. Mr Cretney said the Villa Gardens or Nobles Park were possibilities and a third option was the newly-revamped Bowl.

Meanwhile, the Shropshire Council is admitting they made ”a mistake” over the four-mile parking ban for Elton’s June 12 Shrewsbury appearance.

They had first said that residents couldn’t park within a four-mile radius of the venue but are revising their statement.

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