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Elton Still Has Strong Feelings About Watford And Football

Thursday 2
December 2010 @ 17:26

Elton’s passion for not just his beloved Watford but football in general is well-known. However,  but Hornets honorary life president believes the peoples game is steadily slipping away from the masses.

Elton grew up in nearby Pinner and his love for Watford Football Club resulted in the multi-platinum artist buying the Hornets, becoming chairman and along with manager Graham Taylor, guiding the club from the Fourth Division to an FA Cup final and into Europe.

Elton also came back as chairman in the late 1990s and once again took the club he supported as a boy back into the top flight.

Although no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the Hornets, Elton insists he still lives and breaths the club and talks to Taylor and current manager Malky Mackay on a regular basis.

But in an interview with the Independent, the singer expressed his anger at the current state of football.

Elton said: “What drives me so mad is that so many people love this game, at all its levels from the World Cup and the Champions League to the Blue Square, and yet all the time it is being taken further away from them.

When discussing his time at Watford, the former Reg Dwight said: “It was the most wonderful, exciting time and even though the world and football has changed so much since then, it had something which was so precious that if it is lost, finally, well, the game is dead.

“I’m talking about that love of the game. Back then some of the old chairmen got a lot of things wrong, and I knew that even when they gave me presents of fresh fish and pork pies from their shops when we had a drink in the boardroom after a game.

“But you know there was always a sense that they understood the power of football and what it meant to people in the community around them. That was something that came across overwhelmingly in the company of the chairman of Ipswich, John Cobbold an amazing character who wanted to do everything he could for Bobby Robson just as I tried to do for Graham, by way of thanks for what football had given down the years.”

Elton expressed his sympathy for a former Watford loanee, questioning Manchester City manager Roberto Mancinis decision not to pick winger Adam Johnson more frequently.

He said: “When you see City you have to ask why is Carlos Tevez playing up on his own and Adam Johnson is sitting on the bench? Surely Johnson is one of the most exciting young English players to come along in recent years. He believes in himself and his talent, and yet he cannot get in on the act. If I was a City fan I would feel like killing someone.”

Elton questioned why modern players constantly seem injured compared to the likes of  John Barnes and Luther Blissett during his time at Watford, claiming you don’t begrudge the rewards but you do sometimes question the effort.

The 63-year-old also criticised the FA for the appointment of Fabio Capello, praising Tottenhams manager Harry Redknapp and claiming the Englishman would have been a good appointment.

“Of course anyone who knows anything about football has to respect a coach of Capello’s standing,” Elton remarked.

“He has so many achievements, but he has no background in English football, doesn’t even speak the language and how do you really communicate with a player if you don’t do that?

When you see this situation, you have to ask what are those people at the FA doing and thinking and what world they inhabit?

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