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Licence to Thrill
Posted by editor_usa

Not All Seems To Be In Order For July Gig

Thursday 12
January 2006 @ 17:37

AFC Bournemouth has not yet applied for permission to host this summer’s EJ show – despite the fact 11,000 tickets have already been sold, the January 10, 2006 Daily Echo has announced.

The high-profile event on Saturday, July 1 was announced before the club applied to vary its entertainment licence – a move strongly criticised by one councillor.

And two months after tickets first went on sale, the council is still waiting for the necessary paperwork before it can decide whether to give the gig the go-ahead.

Cherries chairman Peter Phillips said the songster’s entire tour was being organised by the promoters, who he said were “extremely professional”.

“It’s the same ones that organised the Elton John concert at Southampton’s St Mary’s stadium last year so I’m sure the application is in hand,” he said.

“I’ve no evidence of any opposition to the concert from anyone and while it’s possible that the licensing people could turn it down, it would be very surprising.

“The promoters are running Elton John concerts across the country, not just at Bournemouth, and it’s set to be a great occasion for the town.

“We’re working positively with the council to make sure it happens and it’s a great success.”

But Cllr Anson Westbrook, chair of the licensing committee, warned both AFC Bournemouth and the promoters: “You’re not above the law.”

He said: “If they don’t apply for a licence, we are not going to suddenly grant them one at the last minute.”

When asked whether it was unusual for a concert to be advertised without permission, he said: “It’s not illegal but it’s close.”

Steve Wright, senior licensing officer at Bournemouth council, said: “AFC Bournemouth need this variation to their current licence to be able to hold an event of this nature within the stadium and it is in their best interest to apply for this variation as soon as possible.”

Ben Martin, of promoters Marshall Arts, said: “We’ve begun our preliminary meetings with the council and they are aware of what’s going on.

“Everybody is aware of the situation and we’re proceeding with selling the tickets.

“Everything is moving ahead as it should.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity not just for the stadium and the club but for Bournemouth.”


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