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JUST BREAKING: Elton’s ”Peace One Day” to Stream Live, While ”Time Out” Has Some Lower-Priced Tickets For The Show
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 13
September 2012 @ 17:38

To mark the closing of the London 2012 Festival, Peace One Day are offering Time Out readers the chance to purchase tickets at the special price of £20.12 for the Peace One Day Celebration at Wembley Arena on September 21.


Elton will be the headliner, with the 2Cellos and James Morrison also on the bill.


This offer expires at midnight on Saturday, and more information can be found at


In related developments, the concert will be streamed live through the organisers’ YouTube channel.

Just tune in to at 7.30 p.m. London time on Peace Day, September 21.

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