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Jokes continue but Elton’s laughing all the way to the bank!
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Brian Conley courts a joke, but Elton is still cash king

Friday 20
April 2001 @ 21:17

By George Matlock


John’s wealth has been shaved £10 million and his league
position has slipped
in The Sunday Times 13th annual
Rich List of Britain’s 1,000 wealthiest people this weekend.


Elton’s still sitting on a fortune worth £150 million, and
he is Britain’s 7th richest pop star
. In last year’s survey,
Elton was 5th, with £160 million.


loss nearly equates with how much his failed court case against
his firmer management company and his former accountants will
cost him.


list editor Ian Coxon said: “Nevertheless we
are still backing Elton to go from strength to strength.”


dominating the pop world was Sir Paul McCartney,
whose wealth soared to £713 million, making him Britan’s first
dollar millionaire with US$1.02 billion, and up from £550 million
a year ago.


data comes hot on the heels of similar findings in January 2001.

Funnyman Brian Conley, host of The Brian Conley
, on ITV, April 20, 2001, included a
trailer for a joke not broadcast in the programme itself. Brian,
in his wrap of in-the-news stories, bleated:


John this week found out he must pay legal costs in his £8 million
case. When asked, he said: ‘I can’t pay it now, I have no loose


court case was for a claim more like £14 million, and the legal
expenses amounted to £8 million.

played the lead role in hilarious theatre production Elton
John’s Glasses
at the Queen’s Theatre in London in 1998.

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