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Elton and Ed Sheeran plan to release a Christmas single.


The latter told Dutch station NPO Radio 2 that Elton reached out for him about this last year, upon discovering that his old song, Step Into Christmas, had hit the UK Top 10 for the first time ever. 
Sheeran remarked: ”Elton rang me on Christmas Day to say Merry Christmas. Elton rings me almost every single day.
”He said, ‘Step Into Christmas is Number 6 in the charts! I want to do another Christmas song–will you do it with me?’ ”
Ed admitted that initially, he didn’t feel like it suited him. The 30-year-old changed his mind after losing a close friend.
He explained: ”You don’t know if you’ll still be there tomorrow, everything can change overnight. I may not be here tomorrow. Why shouldn’t I grab this opportunity?”
Elton John - Step Into Christmas

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