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Jagger jeweler party to rock Tower of Babel!
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Elton to appear at debut of “his song”

Tuesday 10
September 2002 @ 16:50

As previously reported on this website, designer Jade Jagger prepares to rock the Tower of London, central London, at a party staged on September 12, 2002.

Apart from other highlights, Jagger bought an Elton John song that will be used as a corporate hymn, and Elton is expected to show at the event too.

Garrard, the crown jeweler, will stage a party, orchestrated by Jagger, who is the creative director of a store that is shaking off its establishment in the luxury market.

The rapper Missy Elliott, actor Rupert Everett, model Liberty Ross and Jagger herself will be the poster-size faces of the jeweler that has furnished the British royal family since the company was founded in 1735.

At the Tower of London bash the Sugar Babes will play a gig and Elton is expected to put in a guest appearance, to celebrate Garrard’s new London store.

Jagger has worked with the architect Tom Bartlett to counteract what she calls the “austere and ostentatious” interior of traditional jewelers. That means a store bathed in natural light, shiny stainless steel and mirrors, softened with celadon green and hot raspberry, Garrard’s new signature color. Jagger has added a bar (“to serve champagne”) and plans computer games and Internet access.

The client focus will include the rock and pop world that Jagger was born into 30 years ago as the daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger.

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