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Hornets Vs. Twins
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Sports Developments Relating to Elton

Friday 5
June 2009 @ 17:29

Watford have confirmed that Brendan Rodgers has left to become the new manager of Reading.

The Royals have agreed to pay compensation to the Hornets starting at £500,00 which could rise to as much as £1million.

The 36-year-old only took charge at Vicarage Road in November but has left to rejoin Reading as replacement for Steve Coppell.

Earlier this year, the former Hornets manager was delighted when Elton accepted his invitation to visit the clubs training ground.

He is one of the most iconic figures associated with Watford Football Club. People like Elton John have been involved here for many years,  Rodgers stated.

For me it’s important to have people like that have a part in the future as well.

I was delighted when he accepted my invitationand he was great with the players and staff. He rang me later when he got home, thanking me for the day, he added.

And Elton isn’t just a soccer fan. He also enjoys baseball. So when he was in Minnesota last month for a Face 2 Face concert, he requested autographed photographs of the TwinsJoe Mauer and Justin Morneau, and in exchange provided signed pictures of himself.

Elton told Mauer he’s the best catcher in the major leagues and said he wished Morneau played for the Atlanta Braves, of whom the musician is a big fan.

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