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Posted by editor_usa

Why Elton And David Decided to Sell Their L.A. Home

Tuesday 25
September 2012 @ 15:33

Elton and David Furnish recently sold their beloved Los Angeles high-rise after concerns that it could compromise the safety of their baby, is reporting.

The composer and his partner deemed their conjoined Sierra Towers condos in West Hollywood an unsuitable abode for Zachary, fearing he would crawl out of a window.

The two remember the tragic incident that happened to their friend Eric Clapton, who lost a son to a 49-story fall in a Manhattan apartment building in 1991, and want to ensure a freak accident like that doesnt happen to Zach.

”The reason behind Elton and David giving up their West Hollywood condos  is because they thought it wasnt a suitable place for a toddler to grow up in,” a source revealed.

”They did love the home, but now they are parents they have to think more sensibly and it wasnt ideal for Zachary.

”The apartment was situated halfway up the Sierra Towers complex, so it was dangerously high up.”

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