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Hey, Big Spender
Posted by editor_usa

What Elton Got a Dozen Pals For The Holidays

Wednesday 29
December 2010 @ 17:15

Elton spent $30,000 on 12 cashmere robes for friends this Christmas.

The singer was spotted stocking up on the pricey presents at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

The star’s huge spree caused a delay at the cash register but fellow shoppers revealed Elton was apologetic.

A source said the composer turned around to the customers behind him and said: “I apologise for holding the queue up. I’ll be right out in a moment.”

His partner has previously revealed he and Elton don’t like to splash out on expensive gifts for each other at Christmas, despite their reputations as big spenders.

He said: “I got Elton a piece of art. We have a one present rule at Christmas. We don’t want it to be about stuff. We like to spend time with one another. We need the rest!”

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