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Health And Safety Officers Raise Concerns About June Rock Concert

Tuesday 1
February 2011 @ 17:47

Health and safety fears about Eltons concert in Northampton have not prevented the gig being granted a licence.

The pop icon will play at the County Cricket Ground in Abington on June 25 and is expected to attract as many as 15,000 attendees.

But during a hearing at the Guildhall yesterday, where the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club applied for a licence to stage the event, health and safety officers from the council said they had concerns about noise.

Paul Mallard, the councils senior environmental officer, said he feared noise levels at houses neighbouring the cricket ground would reach 85 decibels during the concert, the level at which the Health and Safety Executive state employers must provide earplugs for workers.

He said: With this concert it looks as if the normal noise limits will be exceeded by quite a significant amount, so we still have a significant level of concern about it. Were not saying the licence should be refused, but there is concern around noise levels. After all, you cant just turn a concerts volume down, because then it wouldnt be a concert.

Speaking at yesterdays hearing, cricket club chief executive, Mark Tagg, said efforts had been made to make sure people who live near the ground would not be upset. He added: As soon as we identified that we wanted to have the concert, we notified all residents so people could come to us with any concerns. Were trying to build a good relationship with our neighbours.

He also pointed out that more than half the tickets for the concert had so far been sold to people with an NN1 postcode.

Despite the noise concerns, the council committee agreed to grant a licence for the show.

The chairman of the licensing committee, Councillor Portia Wilson, said: We would like to congratulate the cricket club on bringing such a big event to Northampton and wish them every success with it.

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