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EXCLUSIVE: Inside The World of Celebrity Portraiture
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 29
July 2011 @ 16:43

Below is a photo of Ceravolo and Elton, along with a portrait of the latter.

The artist told EJW how his oil on canvas piece came about. 

”I created it in 1974.  I met with Elton several times to go over the details. At the time I was working on a large portrait for Rod Stewart.  Elton and Rod were good friends so I thought that Elton might like to have me create one for him also. We first met backstage at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in New York at one of Elton’s concerts.  I showed Elton some photos of large paintings that I had done and we talked about creating one of him. It would be a large canvas that measured approximately 8 feet by 6 feet.  The next time we talked, Elton was the surprise guest at a Beach Boys concert where Kiki Dee was the opening act.  Elton was there to introduce Kiki. We talk some more about the painting and he said that he liked the photo of him that was going to be used for the inside sleeve of the Caribou album.  So that is the image that I based my painting on. The painting was completed that year and he first viewed it one night, again backstage, at the Coliseum during one of his sold out shows.  At the time John Reid was his manager and we worked out the shipping arrangements and sent the painting to Elton’s home in California. Soon after that, I did a similar large scale painting for Alice Cooper, and shortly after that, the Palladium Theatre in New York City commissioned me to create six large scale rock and roll portraits for the lobby of that theatre.”

The Southampton-based artist has since branched out into ceramics and jewelry but is still very involved in creating large scale portraits. In fact, he says,”Now that Elton has a new son, it would be great to create a portrait of him for Elton.”


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