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EXCLUSIVE: Elton’s First Manager Shares Thoughts on The Rocket Man’s ”Billboard” Honour
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 17
August 2011 @ 15:28

As previously revealed, Elton has been named Billboard’s Top Adult Contemporary artist of all-time, with most AC No. 1s (16); most AC chart hits of any artist (68).

Ray Williams has spoken to EJW about the achievement.

A producer who has been credited on over 70 films and TV series, Ray was the man who first introduced Elton and Bernie Taupin.

The A&R man at Liberty Records had placed an ad seeking new talent, and Elton and Bernie were among the respondents.

”I then became Elton’s personal manager for his first 5 albums.

”It was 41 years ago (25th of August) that Elton opened at the Troubadour (a great night!) and now he has become Billboard‘s  No.1 AC artist of all time!

”This is  truly amazing and indeed makes me very proud, just wanted to share this with your site.”

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