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EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes of 5 Versions of 1 EJ Bio
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 9
June 2009 @ 17:07

Elton John: Die StoryEXCLUSIVEBehindTheScenesof


This Web site previously has disclosed that a new biography about Elton is to be printed soon.


Above are two covers from upcoming editions of Mark Bego‘s book.


The first one, to coincide with Elton’s summer appearances in Germany, is being published by Austria’s Hannibal Books. Die Story. It is the biggest of the five versions, with 536 pages and 100,000 more words than the others. Focusing more on music (unlike the other types, which have more about Elton’s personal life), it is due on June 22, and will be distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, in America, folks can purchase it over the Internet.


The other cover is for The Elton John Story from JR Books in England. This is expected in the fall, as is one with yet a different title in the U.S., Elton John: The Bitch is Back from Phoenix Books.


Denmark and Russia also plan editions of Mark’s book.


The writer, who met Elton backstage at Madison Square Garden in the eighties, tells EJW that he strived to interview subjects not normally heard from in books about the singer.


The myriad names include two members of Three Dog Night (whose band recorded Lady Samantha), Alice Cooper, RuPaul, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.

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