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Everlasting Love
Posted by editor_usa

Bidding Farewell to Music is Not an Option For Elton

Wednesday 1
December 2010 @ 17:12

Elton, who recently released his 30th studio album, The Union, doesn’t think his career will end because his back catalog of songs is so vast.

He said: “I feel really confident about my career now. A friend once said, ‘What happens if it all ended tomorrow?’ I said, ‘It’s not gonna happen.'”

“You’ve got a while catalog of songs you can rely on and I’m driven and I’m ambitious and I don’t wanna stop there. Billy Joel  hasn’t written a song since 1993 and is quite happy to go around singing his old hits time after time after time.”

“I’ve toured with him and it’s been great fun. But I couldn’t do that.”

Although he has been musing on the longevity of his career, the vocalist does believe his life has hit a peak as he no longer “wants for anything.” 

He told The Independent: “I just want my life to be as good as it is. I mean, I don’t want for anything.”

“I want to remain as happy as I am in my personal life and to try and do as much as I can professionally, to do more creative things that are great.”

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