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Elton Was Among Those Celebrating Holland Honour
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 8
November 2011 @ 17:47

Jools Holland followed in the footsteps of Elton, Bernie Taupin, George Martin, and Tom Jones last night at a ceremony held in his honour.

The piano player, big band leader and TV host has been recognised for outstanding contribution to music and music broadcasting over three decades.

The 20th Music Industry Trusts Award was presented to Holland by Jennifer Saunders.

Elton paid tribute by print while others like Sting and Prince Charles sent messages via video.

The latter said:

“As you now know there has been a long-running plot to promote you to the position of a full blown national treasure.

“You are the very embodiment of that rare species and so many people’s lives have been enhanced not only by your irresistible music but also by your wonderful humanity.”

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