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Elton wants to hear the sound of distant Bow Bells ring
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Elton dreams of role on “Eastenders” London soap

Friday 17
January 2003 @ 5:14

By George Matlock

Regal Elton wants a role downing pints at the Queen Vic, the pub at the centre of Eastenders, the smash hit BBC TV soap opera series.

Well, it might seem far-fetched for this teetotal Briton, but Elton is carrying on the tradition of playing to successful arenas.

And Elton has certainly found one with Eastenders. The series has been on primetime TV since 1984, and is now the top-rated programme on British TV drawing in the biggest crowds for television some 6-8 million viewers – more than 10 percent of the population of Britain!

Elton is apparently harbouring ambitions to become a soap star. That comes after dreams of being a DJ and a comedian in the 1970s and 1980s, and also craving a role on the number 2 most popular programme, Coronation Street, the series which goes on and on since September 1960 on rival TV station Granada.

Now Elton is eager to join the cast of EastEnders for a few episodes, according to presenter-turned-actor Shane Ritchie, who plays the Queen Vic’s new landlord.

“It seems everybody watches EastEnders, including megastars,” said Shane, adding: “Elton John has told me he wants to appear.”

North-west London-born Elton may face a few impediments if he wants to rub shoulders with the far-away cockneys of east London who were born within the exclusive one-mile radius of the church bells of Bow. Even a Skyline Pigeon can’t help Elton here!

While the millionaire singer might have to work on his East London accent, he is no stranger to the world of acting. He is set to appear in an episode of hit US comedy Will And Grace, playing a fearsome, albeit slightly effeminate, gangster. Elton also has many more cameo and other acting spots to his credit over the years, including capers on the Morecambe & Wise Show in 1977.

In the episode of Will And Grace, one of Will’s friends goes into hiding because he thinks the “gay mafia” is after him. Will tries to convince his pal that the “pink mobsters” are just a myth, but Elton appears to tell them different. The star warns his mob is very real indeed and that they’d better be careful otherwise “this bitch will be back”.

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