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Elton to sing at Reno fund-raiser
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Elton to help U.S. political campaign with show Sept 18

Saturday 3
August 2002 @ 4:43

On October 27, 2001, Elton performed in Reno, Nevada. Now he is set to play FOR Reno.

Elton has joined a chorus of Janet Reno celebrity friends to help her campaign for governor of the U.S. state of Florida, agreeing to sing at a September fund-raiser.

He will give a solo performance at the private, $500 per ticket event on September 18, 2002, at a suburban Fort Lauderdale hotel.

The two met when Reno was U.S. attorney general, and Elton recently invited the Democratic hopeful to an Academy Awards party.

“He said he’d do anything to support her campaign,” said Reno’s press spokesperson.

The dance party was based on her January 2001 appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Her cameo with comedian Will Ferrell, who portrayed her in drag, was memorable. Wearing a royal blue dress and pearls, Reno broke through a fake brick wall, danced the twist and shouted: “It’s Reno time!”

At the September event, Reno is not planning to sing with Sir Elton, the spokesperson said.

The fund-raiser will come eight days after the state’s Democratic primary elections.

“We’re confident that we’re going to be the nominee,” the spokesperson said.

Campaign officials for Reno’s main opponent, Tampa lawyer Bill McBride, said they had their own plans for September.

“But Bill may be singing, not Elton,” said McBride spokesman Alan Stonecipher.

Elton gets his revenge, for as a supporter of Al Gore two years ago, he watched with billions worldwide when Florida governor Jeb Bush, had his “casting vote” which sent brother George W. Bush to the White House. Now Elton has his chance to help the Democrats unseat Jeb Bush. Truly a case of “churches and dictators, politics and papers, everything crumbles, sooner or later”.

Janet Reno was Former U.S. Attorney General under President Bill Clinton.

Elton’s concert will be held in Davie, 20 miles north of Miami, on September 18, 2002.

Ed. Say, Elton should give Bill Clinton a role in the band – there aren’t many heads of state who play good saxophone!

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