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Elton’s E! Interview
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 29
March 2012 @ 16:46

Elton told E! News–in an interview that aired last night in the States–that he easily could have ended up like Whitney Houston since he had such a bad drug problem. 

He says that getting sober was his “greatest achievement in life.” Elaborating on his former addiction, he added that it almost destroyed his chances of being happy.

“I would not be the person I am today. I wouldnt have Zachary, I wouldnt have David, I wouldnt have anything,” he said.

Elton has also revealed that he used to get bullied after he became famous.

The composer admitted that even though he was an adult and had achieved worldwide success, he still received abuse from three “very important people” in his life who took advantage of his shyness.

Elton, who opted not to name and shame the trio of bullies in question, said:

”It was about control and them being able to keep me under their thumb. And I was the perfect candidate for it. Even though I was famous and a big deal, it doesn’t matter, it’s who you are underneath that, and I was always kind of shy and intimidated”

He went on to add: “One was violent and the other two were mentally violent. They were very important people in my life. They were important people in my career and in my personal life.”

Asked why he was speaking out now, the musician said that too many people have died and that it is possible to stop bullying.

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