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Elton John tantrum belongs to the cot
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Comeback Kid Elton John denies “no more album” claim

Thursday 6
December 2001 @ 23:13

On December 5, 2001, Elton demystified his claims of “no more albums”.

He said:”I think it was my time of the month. I always say these things on stage when we’re having a bad night.”

Elton, who was in Sacramento to host the Smash Hits tennis tournament, which benefited a local AIDS charity, did say that his heavy workload is taking a toll.

At the November 30, 2001, performance in Manchester, NH, Elton said that Songs from the West Coast would be his last album.

But Elton was not apologetic for his outburst: “I’m 54 now, and the CD probably has another year’s life in it because we’re going to take three or four more singles from it,” he said.

“It’s not the making of the record that’s hard, it’s the promoting of it. … I’ve got to take stock of my life and find out when I’m going to slow down a little bit. I’m not saying I’m never going to make another record again, but I’m really going to take a look at my life.”

Elton said he recently spoke with Carlos Santana, who typically spends three months on the road and follows it with three months at home. “I do 11-and-a-half months on the road and half a month at home, and that’s not good enough,” Elton said. “You miss the people you love, and sometimes things may be a little bit more important than making records.”

[“That was the best birthday present I could have got – yes it was on December 5. There had been fears that Elton was annoyed with the relatively uninspired sales of his breakthrough new album Songs from the West Coast. Whatever the truth – he’s Still Standing! Ed.]

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