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”Elton John + Pnau” to be Out This Summer
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 3
May 2012 @ 16:48

As reported previously, Elton has been doing a remix project with Australian electro duo PNAU.

The rock veteran’s regard for Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore is evident. During their early years, Elton flew them over to the UK and signed them up to his management company. He has been mentoring them ever since.

”We just owe him so much, I mean, he kind of saved us,” Mayes said of the relationship. ”He found us a couple of years ago in Australia and he basically helped us move to the UK and were managed by his management company.


”Hes been a real mentor to us and a good friend too, musically and otherwise. If were down hell help us. Hes just someone whos there to help. If we write a great track hell tell us. If we write a bad track hell tell us. Hes very honest and very generous with his time.”


The album, comprised of new versions of some of Elton’s older songs, is due the second of July. It is titled Elton John + Pnau. The first single is a reinterpretation of Eltons Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters, retitled as Good Morning To The Night, and is to be make its official debut on June 25.

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