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Elton John performed in Bayonne (France) on May 28, 2004
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Fan Report and Photos © by Walter

Tuesday 1
June 2004 @ 3:45

The only concert in France for this year! Therefore  it was a must to go there. After attending all his excellent solo concerts  in 2003 in France, as well one Elton John and band I have to admit, I liked his solo concerts much more. The weather condition on my long way down, has been really good, and I was in the perfect  mood to join an excellent performance.

I arrived at 7.30PM and entered the arena an event centre, where bull usually fight. There was a lot of security, all over the place and they checked every persons very carefully maybe because of some of the guest who arrived in the arena. It is much smaller than the arena in NIMES (2003) and only stone stairs have been arranged to seat. As well there was a VIP section with chairs and Ernst  August v. Hannover with his wife, Princess of Monaco and M. Karl Lagerfeld joined this event. Due to the fact, that all the VIPs needed a little more time to arrive and to access their seats, the concert started 5 minutes late at 8.35 PM.  Elton entered the scene from the left back- side, in a black suit, red shirt and sunglasses, like  he was dressed at the concert in Paris in December 2003. The first song,  Elton started with was Your song with a very short intro happened as well to all his titles he played this evening. The stadium was filled with about 3.000 people so a really, small audience for his only concert in Francefor this year.  

Elton seemed to be very  tired this evening and his voice was not that powerful as usual ( this is just my personal impression) Elton welcomed the audience in French after his first song, and this was appreciated by most of the fans in the audience. A few titles I heard the  first time in a live Elton solo concert this has been Nikita and Tiny Dancer as well his performance playing Rocket man and Daniel was an  outstanding performance! The song Sorry Seems To  Be The Hardest Word was dedicated to Mr. Lagerfeld, who watched the concert, sitting like a marble monument on his chair in the VIP area. I was really  surprised that someone is able, not to move for 2 hours, listening to the performance of our star.

Unfortunately for his fans who waited especially for this, in front of the stage for the whole concert, Elton did not sign any items, or shake hands.

The concert ended at 11.05 after Elton gave one Encore in a grey jogging, and left by car, which was waiting already for a few minutes behind the scene.

 Set list Your Song

 The Greatest Discovery
Border Song
I Need You to Turn To
The One
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes
 Honky Cat
Daniel Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
 Rocket Man
 Im Still Standing
 Tiny Dancer
Blue Eyes
Philadelphia Freedom
 Candle in the Wind
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
 I Guess Thats Why They Call it the Blues
Original Sin
Bennie and the Jets
 Crocodile Rock

Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me

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