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Elton John in Birmingham
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Fan Report

Thursday 4
July 2002 @ 17:17

 have returned from two wonderful days at the NEC Birmingham.

It was great to see Elton back in Britain.

EltonJohninBirminghamThe two concerts were truly amazing.We were lucky enough to have 2nd row tickets on the first night,and our view was amazing. Of course the show opened with Funeral for a Friend, and straight away the crowd went mad. The stewards played chinese whispers with the first two rows, saying that we were allowed to go to the front of the stage after Original Sin, and before I’m still Standing, and I patiently awaited this moment.

Elton spoke of the World Cup, during the concert, saying that he was in Germany when the competition was on, and that he was glad that Germany did not win!!! Elton performance was truly powerful, as he explained that he has never enjoyed performing as much as he does at the moment.

Elton took plenty of time to sign lots of autographs, and this pleased everyone that had made their way to the front. He looked resplendant in a Yellow jacket and black ! trousers.

On the second night I had seats fom and I was in row 9 right in the middle. The sound quality was incredible. I could hear every note from every instument. Again we were allowed to the stage at the appropriate moment. I felt that the second night was miles better that the first,and that Elton was more relaxed. For Elton’s last encore, he came on dressed in a jogging suit. It was great to hear Have Mercy and Holiday inn again. (Especially as I was staying in the Holiday Inn at the NEC, and sang it all the way back to the hotel!!!).

If there was any down side to the concert it was Elton’s use of bad language!! We all know he can use a few choice words on times!!! but I do feel he went a little over the top on the first night.

Elton said that he would be coming back to perform at the NEC in December.

Here is the set list, which was given to me by a steward.

  • Funeral for a friend/LLB
  • Bennie and the Jets EltonJohninBirmingham
  • Daniel
  • Someone saved my life tonight
  • Red Shoes
  • Philadelphia Freedom
  • Wasteland
  • Rocket man
  • I guess that’s why...
  • I want love
  • This Train…
  • Take me to the Pilot
  • Sacrifice
  • Sorry seems….
  • Oh My Seet Carolina
  • American Triangle
  • Have Mercy on the Criminal
  • Holiday Inn EltonJohninBirmingham
  • Tiny Dancer
  • Original Sin
  • I’m Still Standing
  • Crocodile Rock


  • Pinball Wizard
  • Don’t let the Sun….


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    All photos by Teresa John

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