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Elton at L.V. in Paris
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A crazy fan experience by Walter (France)

Friday 5
December 2003 @ 15:29

live report Dec. 1st, 2003 – lunch time
I was at Louis Vuitton at 22, Avenue de Montaigne to purchase some new bags for my cameras. Starting my purchases at 11.30 AM with all my equipment taken with me.
At about 11.55 our beloved star Elton John arrived in this shop  – with three bodyguards dressed in blue coats and trousers, and HE in a black suit with sunglasses. (The bodyguards were not very well dressed. They had blue coats and pants on them and one speaker in one ear. They were looking with a lot of perseverance to all of the movements around EJ but even in the rest of the shop.)
He came first in the shop for five minutes and then he went out I don’t know really why. Then he came back five minutes after and took a sit for around 15 or 20 minutes at one of the two jewelry and watches corner. As well one other man was with him – I do not really know this guy – if he was his friend or a secretary of Elton – anyway this man paid the bill with his credit card. Elton purchased a new Lous Vuitton Chronometer – nothing special at all – maybe this should fit to his new “Japanese designer suits” ?
Everybody in the shop came to see him as soon as they knew that EJ was here. Some others customers were so surprised to see him so closely. EJ arrived and left with two Mercedes S500 with tinted windows. He was in the first one and was very fast when he left the jewelry table. He nearly felt when he went down of the few stairs of the shop.
Even with two cameras in front of me – I did not dare to take one of them to take pictures of this moment – which I will never forget in my life. (even when I wanted to take pics – I would not have been able to take them – cause I was really too exited to see my favorite star so close next to me) !
I was really surprised that he changed his favorite cloth designer (Versace) and his favorite watch maker (Cartier). As well I was very much surprised, that he was using Mercedes Benz cars – normally he is using only Rolls Royce cars – and for this I was watching all the time in front of the “George V” hotel in Paris to get some pictures taken on “the road”.
So Sir Elton John did change a lot 1) the suits, 2) the watch, 3) the cars, 4) the hotel.
Thanks to our member Walter who earns one gem for his funny live report.

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