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Elton and Leon Will Be On Sunday Morning Show
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 8
December 2010 @ 16:37

Elton’s collaborator on  The Union is currently on a solo tour, which will go on for a couple of more weeks.

The Rocket Man and Leon Russell hope to do more dates together next year, but no specifics have been worked out yet.

Leon’s publicist told EJW that on the day of the November 12 Tulsa, OK, Union concert, Russell  invited a CBS Sunday Morning crew to join him in visiting Church Studios (which is on the newly renamed Leon Russell Rd.)  His daughter, Tina Rose, was recording in the studio that day and she played him some of her music, which the network also filmed–”along with interview footage with both Leon and Elton, separately and together and a lot of footage of the concert.”

 That piece is scheduled to air this Sunday, December 12.

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