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Elton and Leon Help Pay Tribute to ”Union” Producer
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 11
February 2011 @ 17:15

Grammy Week‘s festivities kicked into high gear on Wednesday night with a tribute for T Bone Burnett at Santa Monica’s legendary Village Studio.

The 10-time Grammy winner was honoured by two of his recent collaborators, Elton and Leon Russell, who sent video messages that earned some laughs. A particular highlight was when the former, who called Burnett “the best producer out there,” ended his message by quipping, “I love you and let’s run away together.” Russell also jested, saying,”I’m not sure what this award is for.”

The accolade, given by the Producers and Engineers Wing of the Academy, was to recognise Burnett’s body of work, which has included movie soundtracks.

During his impassioned speech, the producer elicited some chuckles of his own, joking, “I wrote all this down, but I’m a little drunk now.”

Still, that didn’t dilute his message in any way, as he blasted the industry for poor sound in the digital age and said of those only interested in digital sound, “You don’t care about music and I don’t want to make music for people who don’t care about music.”

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