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Elton And David’s Courtship
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 14
February 2006 @ 17:44

The dinner party last May was as traditional an affair as any at the Windsor home of Elton  and David Furnish could be. The meal was served at their simple dark walnut dining table. When the dishes were cleared, Elton pulled out a small black-velvet box. Getting down on one knee, he quietly asked the question, Will you be my life partner? But I already am, David responded, shocked. After all, they have been partners since meeting nearly 12 years ago. Then, eyeing the white-gold and diamond-studded eternity band, he gave his answer. Looking onand tearing upwere the dinner guests, chosen by Elton to witness the spectacle: Davids mother and father, and Jake Shears and Scott Babydaddy Hoffman from the Scissor Sisters.

So begins an extensive Toronto Life article, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It goes on to describe how 600 invitations were sent out for the December 21st nuptials of the couple, and note that two tailors were consulted (Diors Hedi Slimane for the filmmaker, Yohji Yamamoto for Elton).

They have been through a lot together, throwing seven consecutive White Tie & Tiara Balls, raising funds for EJAF. On a more personal level, they performed an intervention on a wired Robbie Williams in Windsor. And David cornered Boy George in a bathroom stall after the singer publicly slagged Elton for recording a duet with the popular boy band Blue, supposedly to help save his waning career. 

Their home rather incongruously, is the only modern residence on a small road of Victorian townhouses. Its finished in granite, cement, ebony-stained wood and glass, decorated with contemporary but not flamboyant furnishings, walls painted variously in terra cotta or navy, black or white, depending on the artwork. In view of the dining table are some controversial pieces such as a series of three David LaChapelle photographs titled Jesus Is My Home Boy and a 12-foot-long interpretation of the Last Supper called Wrecked by Sam Taylor-Wood.

In fact, a passion for art is one of the things the two found they had in common. Another is bringing brought up in the suburbs, although they were well aware of the world outside. David, for instance, was wearing Ray-Bans some time before Tom Cruise did in Risky Business. And interestingly enough, the first album the 43-year-old says he ever purchased was Caribou.

When it came to office work, though, Elton couldn’t understand what people did all day, or why his beau couldn’t come to the phone immediately when he called. Even so, he tried to help, and in fact, inspired David to leave advertising since it was ”anathema” to his real interests.

The full article, including how the 1995 documentary, Tantrums & Tiaras, came about, is at






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