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Elton among finds in Diana record collection
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Burrell trial hears of a dearth of popular music in Royal’s household

Wednesday 30
October 2002 @ 15:47

DJ Paul Gambaccini found a “vast amount of classical records” but very little popular music among boxes of Diana, Princess of Wales’ LPs he helped catalogue after her death, the Paul Burrell trial heard, reported the Belfast News Letter on October 29, 2002.

But among the finds was…Elton John.

“There was a lack of popular music which I found surprising,” said Gambaccini.

But an Elton record was discovered – signed by Diana Spencer. “I remember thinking Elton would be quite touched by this,” said Gambaccini.

Gambaccini had gone to St James’s Palace at the request of royal confidante Clair Southwell who wanted someone with “expertise” to decide whether the records should be preserved.

Ms Southwell said she was given the albums in March 1998, to pass on to charity.

In a statement read to the court, Gambaccini said: “I remember sorting out the collection into separate piles. There was a vast amount of classical records.”

There were some Welsh choir music and original broadcast tapes of The Goons.”

Paul Burrell was Diana, Princess of Wales’, butler and is charged with theft of her property. The case continues.

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