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There is currently an exhibit, running through Saturday, July 5th, at Buckingham’s Friars County Museum. Devoted to Watford Town Hall performances, it is called The Local Music Club That Rocked The World

The Observer reports that the town hall, where names like Elton, the Faces, King Crimson and the Kinks played, was among the hottest music venues in the area at one time. This was because of Friars, a music club which started life in Aylesbury and moved to Watford when its original venue, the New Friarage Hall, was shut down in July 1970. The town hall at Watford was a much better fit, with its 1,600 seat capacity and, between September 1970 and September 1972, hosted 18 gigs by some of the biggest acts in music

Mike O’Connor, who works on a Friars Aylesbury Web site, tells the Rocket Man is represented in the exhibition ”as part of the museum’s foreign gigs section – (i.e. non Aylesbury gigs).”
He adds that there is much memorabilia from this gig.
”Some is on the Friars Aylesbury site, and some is on display at the museum (contracts, posters, unseen pictures, and newspaper cuttings about a bomb scare during Elton’s show, for instance ).”

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