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EJAF to be Helped by Designer & Vodka Co.
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 29
October 2007 @ 14:26

Grey Goose has joined forces with Giorgio Armani to help Elton’s AIDS foundation.

A new limited edition bottle bedecked in pearlescent cream leather will be available from the 19th of November at Harvey Nichols for £100.

There will just be 250 of them.

This comes four days after a Grey Goose fund-raiser previously announced at this Web site, promoting exclusive bars designed by David FurnishSam Taylor-Wood, Dinos Chapman, Christopher Bailey, Liz Hurley and Patrick Cox.

All proceeds go to the EJAF from the November 15 event, which runs from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. at Chateau Grey Goose
No. 1. The Piazza WC2. Entrance on James Street.

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