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EJAF Party Producer Discusses Economic Challenges
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 22
June 2009 @ 16:23

Even Elton has felt the impact of the recession.

Bizbash has reported that Virginia Fout, who produces the annual Oscar night EJAF get-together, had to make significant cuts to the budget this year.

She did this in part by sending out multiple requests for proposals. She found it helped her shave thousands off various line items.

 There are vendors I probably wont ever switchIll probably never go away from SenovvA because audiovisual production, show management, and the services it provides are such a crucial part of the night, which is based on a live telecast, so it’s got to be perfect,” said Fout. But moving down the list of vendors, she did find room for potential cost savings.

“Where can I cut? Save me a couple grandjust give me $5,000 somewhere. I got to my rentals, and theres a lot of companies out there,” said Fout. “I approached three and made them come back to me to bid it out, fair and square. We came up with an overall $80,000 savings, a helpful chunk. I’m always trying to get the best price, but now with the economy the way it is its more important than ever.

Another EJAF Oscar bash regular is Crumble Catering.

This time around, they served around 650 guests a five-course Italian menu, inspired by Elton’s annual trip to Venice.

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